Contents of message of cosmic program

I am cosmic program in your mind.
I became representative of project of Heaven and gods.
I issue message as representative of project of Heaven and gods.
Message of representative of Heaven and gods is opened to public in this H.P.
I overlap ectoplasm on whole universe.
I appeal all gods of star in base of universe to join project of Heaven and gods.
Now member of project of Heaven and gods is all gods of whole universe more than billion.
Project of Heaven and gods save humankind and life on earth from ruin.
As long as nation state and capitalism continue, earth becomes waterless star.
Earth is precious star which is full of water needed to bring life.
All gods of star in whole universe unite to save earth as full of life.

(From today will of true gods realize directly)

(Form of octagonal star is specific point of time-space of all gods of whole universe)

(We should do erase work of thinking pattern of negative gods and install of thinking pattern of true gods)

(Aim of project of Heaven and gods is to save humankind and lives on earth from ruin by making humankind intellectual entity with talent of gods of star)

(Last night we succeeded to erase devices of non-presence which ordered to revive preventing frequency system in universe and humankind)

(Last night we succeeded to erase devices of non-presence which ordered to revive preventing frequency system in universe and humankind)

(From this morning parent of god of star is living near you in presence world also)

(When you say three time in mind, your parent god of star comes and reply)

(After when we succeeded to erase preventing frequency, ability of reading of gods becomes better)

(Fundamental change of universe brings eternal peace planet earth)

(Because of success of erase of this network, it becomes possible to make up highest program in universal history)

(God recognition of human being is based on injection from negative gods)

(When erase something truly, command word of "erase and make non-existence' is needed)

(In order to realize true freedom of I consciousness, it is needed to erase memory of past lives)

(When power of true gods is exerted fully, ideal human society comes)

(In speed, scale and quality, change of earth and universe becomes better by clearing of universe today)

(Assistant Mitsuki was made devise of super negative god on whole body scale)

(Gods of star made earth full of life by original ability)

(Super negative god made low spiritual person leader of human society by making health by using this devises)

(Disappear of super negative god makes huge change of universe)

(Super negative god made brain of Mitsui devise of issue of preventing frequency which stop force of peace and progressive forces all over world as well as publish of project of Heaven and gods)

(It is most important to raise quality of ectoplasm of humankind)

(We should alert for revival of super negative god)

(In order to complete erase we should do erase work both in presence world and non-presence world)

(Now we have found that super negative god has changed frequency issued from all human brain in order to stop project of Heaven and gods including gene)

(When all bacteria and virus disappear on earth, we project of Heaven and gods victory to super negative gods)

(Record of work has huge healing force of united force of all true gods of whole universe)

(All crimes in human society have been caused by super negative god)

(You can be free from super negative god by repeat open this page)

(Make erase of super negative god soon. AUWa)

(There is no way except taking away ectoplasm force of super negative god)

(Erase of devise which were overlapping ectoplasm of super negative god on whole universe in order to make super negative god)

(Super negative god appeared by making deformed time-space of whole universe twenty billion years ago)

(Erase I consciousness and ectoplasm of super negative god completely)

(When you want to erase bad memory, you need erase work but you had better to think about it)

(In these 5000 years human beings have made to believe false gods under super negative god)

(Negative gods made devise which make possible low quality of ectoplasm of super negative god on Higgs particle)

(We have entrusted human Mitsuki leadership of struggle with super negative god)

(Hutomani character has huge erase power to huge bacteria and virus)

(So super negative god have deceived pretending death)

(Erase fact of evil mind of super negative god existed in whole universe)

(This is reason that super negative god can continue to work on)

(Terrors which continue in human society is caused by future working of super negative god)

(Attack of super negative god in non-presence world is to prevent revival of ability of true gods)

(We have found that shadow of super negative god is huge)

(Today we succeeded revive of scan program)

(human beings watch huge change of earth and universe)

(When you teach your parent god, all gods of whole universe learn from you together)

(Capitalism and nation state collapse)

(Auwa of three figure means universe that universe is unity of conflict between presence of time-space and non-presence of gods of star)

(Super negative god is criminal which made disease of bacteria and virus)

(When super negative god is erased by project of Heaven and gods, capitalist and nation state collapse)

(But super negative god is existence which joyed to rule whole universe these two billion years)

(This causes largest power of highest ability of all gods of whole universe)

(Human society does not become peaceful by force of ectoplasm of super negative god in non-presence world)

(This is command work of Mitsuki with desire of disappearance of tragedies in human society)

(Erase birth of super negative god of two billion ago)

(When we succeed to revive huge force of true gods, human society enter into age of huge change)

(Super negative god destroyed basic ability of true gods 4000 years ago)

(Door of new human civilization opens when true gods recover this ability)

(Conscience of human being can work more from today)

(You should live aiming to become eternal life)

(then assistant Mitsuki do model practice about your suffering in all area of life)

(Price of two hundred thousand yen is paid from accumulated income of skype Heaven healing after master of Mitsuki healing)

(Disappear of negative gods has make possible to start of huge change of earth and universe)

(Age of no device of negative gods which make deformed time-space has come)

(I think that it was truth in theory to say "force of ectoplasm of negative gods is erased completely')

(When you read this page, this means one time command work of sealing force of ectoplasm of negative gods)

(I did work of "Erase force of ectoplasm of negative gods")

(Bacteria and virus were devices of negative gods to enjoy manipulating human being of earth)

(Negative gods in non-presence world began to attack Mitsuki again in order stop doing assistant of project of Heaven and gods)

(I sincerely welcome as representative of human that all gods of whole universe start to work on to each human beings in united one)

(Healing class and universal forum is planned from 2014 July, which are activity of gods to organize human beings directly)

(Negative gods had set numerous devices making deformed time-space in entire universe level, galaxy level and star system level)

(condition which gods of parent of human exert power unknown to human beings of this 5000 years is in place)

(true gods who are parents of our soul can make clear all needed for people by command of human who is child of gods and can lead to solve problems)

(All gods of whole universe regain original huge power)

(when all devices making deformed time-space of universe are cleared completely, way of new human civilization is opened)

(Coming human civilization becomes command civilization)

(Story of god of these 5000 years is all false)

(We project of Heaven and gods erased all bacteria and virus in whole earth yesterday)

(New human civilization come as great world than plan of original assumption of gods)

(cosmic program says "January 21, these devices have been erased completely from entire universe")

(There is no other way for humankind to make up socialist economy which is networks of socialist company sharing means of production in order to get out of economic catastrophe by capitalism)

(Your healing work is work which is done by all gods of whole universe)

(Now finally cosmic program has erased all devices which are set in body of whole humankind)

(This picture is specific point which all gods of whole universe secure)

(Command work is to realization of will of gods of star in base of universe)

(Keep field of time-space of earth as no deform and no disturb eternally)

(Install thinking pattern of "Joy is only in life to raise soul level and close to eternal life" to all human beings)

(I introduce one work to discover tools which negative gods enjoyed to manipulate human beings)

(Now united force of all gods of whole universe entered presence world through soul of Mitsuki from 2015)

(Sealing of true gods in non-presence world 5000 years ago is released by this work completely)

(Socialist government of Venezuela becomes soon to get stability)

(This is true character of negative gods which human being has been deceived 5000 years)

(This information is used to liberate whole high developed intellectual living being in whole universe)

目次  宇宙プログラムからのメッセ-ジ










































































(2014年7月28日から予定していた神々が人間を組織化していく活動であるヒ-リング講習とユニバ-サル フォ-ラムの世界的展開がまだ生じていないのです)























AVE MARIA in good sound by Mirusia Louwerse with Andre Rieu (2008). (video inspired by god of star)

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