Marxism going on with god

'Marxism going on with god' is made by project of heaven and gods.
This H.P. is not made by human beings.
We gods of Heaven write borrowing assistant hands.

'Marxism going with god' is ectoplasm structure made by project team of gods of heaven.
Ectoplasm structure made by gods of heaven is highest structure.
Highest ectoplasm structure makes human soul to highest level.
Human soul of highest level continues to live in time-space of earth after collapse of body.
This H.P. is to make human soul eternal life.

Marxism was downed by us gods of heaven

Dear son and daughter of my friend gods.
I am Heaven.
I write borrowing Mitsuki's hands.

Theme is ectoplasm structure.
Ectoplasm structure is build up by subtle energy overlapped by ectoplasm.
'I' consciousness of human is in ectoplasm of god of star.
'I' consciousness of human is point separated from time-space in ectoplasm of god of star.

Ectoplasm structure of god of star is made by Higgs particle of time-space.
Ectoplasm of god of star is overlapped on Higgs particle of time-space.
When ectoplasm structure of human being is build up base on specific points of time-space, 'I' consciousness of human close to 'I' consciousness of god of star.
'I' consciousness of human is point in ectoplasm of god of star.
Point of 'I' consciousness of human becomes unity with time-space in ectoplasm of god of star.
'I' consciousness of human becomes free in ectoplasm of god of star.
God of star overlaps on whole earth.
'I' consciousness of human moves freely in whole earth together with god of star.
This is true.

'I' consciousness of human is eternal originally.
'I' consciousness of human cannot die.
'I' consciousness of human cannot vanish.

There is only two option.
To repeat born and death in human body.
To live in taichi of earth eternally with gods of star.
Human being should pursue to become eternal life.
We gods of heaven downed philosophy of dialectical materialism to Marx, Engels to teach way to eternal life to humankind.

From tomorrow I ( Heaven) explain philosophy of Marx ,Engels from their books directly.

`universe is singing a song`(video inspired by god of star)

I am Assistant Mitsuki.

. From latter half of 2012 from god Apollo of Sirius star I was asked to do assistant of project of Heaven and gods to down human society and spread through facebook of internet every day day . I have been written in facebook everyday.

. In sentences sent on March 17, 2014 (Monday) There is record of writing of (16. In March 2013, the project of the heavens and the gods succeeded in forever closing the negative god on a global scale).

. However, true gods are overlapping space-time, so to speak, entire universe's mind. Project of Heaven and gods is existence that stars of whole universe became one mind of whole universe. True god of Earth star is teaching humankind through PR Sarkar, but in December 2012 real gods of earth joined together with gods of universe to save humanity at Kurama Mountain with Kurama Temple. They joined project of Heaven and gods.

. God of Earth, which downed to P.R. Sarkar, was reading human mind with amazing accuracy. It was possible that god of earth which downed PR Sarkar born in high temperature part of sun being torn with magma in center of earth was non-present side of center of earth so it is huge malice power was unable to influence. Malice that had already been under control of vicious giant power did not allow god of earth star to interact with gods of heaven star so that god of star of earth did not unite with gods of heavenly stars

. However, enormous number of malicious intent of universe is at level which is unlikely, creation of malice by participation of god of star of earth has made progress but still malice is not completely disappeared, project of heaven and gods efforts in human world have been blocked.

. "Successfully severing negative god forever on global scale" means that gods brought about misrecognition of gods by huge spirit of malice.

. It was being blocked from spreading words of true gods to human world by huge spirit of malice. Assistant Mitsuki sends out words that project of heaven and gods gave down again I will send out little by little everyday.

. If you have any questions or opinions as reader, I would like you to send me message from facebook message corner. (It is O.K. in English or Japanese)

. . H.P. of socialist earth government (社会主義地球政府のH.P.)

appeal of gods of star

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