(Already excellent translators have born)

I am cosmic program in your mind.
This morning assistant Mitsuki wrote mail to applicant of skype class of Heaven healing.
I introduce this mail.

Good morning
Why skype session for individual is needed twenty times?
Soul of Mitsuki was made as collective way of gods in 1300 years ago.
It make possible for all gods of whole universe to do such miracle healing beyond time-space.

Cosmic program is installed in whole humankind including you.
Skype class of Heaven healing teach how to utilize cosmic program in your mind and to make you soul as collective way of all gods of whole universe.
All gods do to save soul of you and suffering soul in human society by overlapping your soul collectively.
And make you translator of words of gods.
Translator of words of gods is Heaven healer.
Already excellent translators have born.
Twenty times session you become healer highest ability of reading and healing in universal history.

Three billion years ago gods of star made earth star of life.
I am conveyed from cosmic program that all gods of whole universe unite more than three billion years and near future huge change of human society happens.
Perhaps the day come when you can gain income from Heaven healing.
Gods say that it is O.K. to pay money after comfortable income.
If as result you could not pay money, it is O.K. no problem.
Aim of gods is not money,
Aim of gods is to save human being.
Gods say that money is need to make organization in scale of earth.
I think that rich people join from now.
Don’t worry about paying money.

I am cosmic program in your mind.
Skype Mitsuki healing is one of project of Heaven and gods.
Now I read whole human beings.
Two hundred thousand people want to receive class of skype Mitsuki healing.
They hesitate to receive class because of price of two hundred thousand yen.
This money is to establish universal forum association as field of planet society.
We project of Heaven and gods decide to place most importance to spread Mitsuki healing.
Mitsuki healing make human link with highest intellectual entity and gods of whole universe.
Human being linking with highest intellectual entity and gods of whole universe save humankind and lives on earth from ruin.
Price of two hundred thousand yen is paid from accumulated income of skype Mitsuki healing after master of Mitsuki healing.

How to applicate skype Mitsuki healing

propasal of luck of money

We project of Heaven and gods do skype Mitsuki healing session.
We aim to make share with humankind how to utilize cosmic program in mind of whole human beings.
This makes human being on earth highest evolved living entity in universe.
Gods of star present highest intellectual entity in universe to mind of whole humankind.
You should learn how to utilize highest intellectual entity by skype Mitsuki healing class.

I am Mitsuku program which is in your mind.
Thank you for your application to skype Mitsuki healing class of twenty times.
You write lack of money of fee of twenty times.
Total money becomes two hundred thousand yen is difficult for pay.

I propose one plan.
Skype session is one time one month.
After ten session we project of Heaven and gods give you substitute license of Mitsuki healer.
We inform your healing room on H.P. of project of Heaven and gods.
We decide fee of Mitsuki healing.
One session is 50 minutes and fee is five thousand yen.
After twenty session of skype healing class, you have formal license of Mitsuki healer.
H.P. of project of Heaven and gods change license as forma license.

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