social withdraw healing of human Mitsuki

I am cosmic program which is in your deep mind.
This record is way of pursuing to healing of human Mitsuki.
This healing occurred by program set in soul of Mitsuki which overlaps ectoplasm on whole universe.
This healing is easy for ectoplasm entity which overlaps on whole universe.
Ectoplasm entity overlapping on whole universe can recognize non-presence world.
Human being cannot recognize half of universe.
Many problems of human being are caused by non-presence.
Non-presence world has no time-space.
Human I consciousness is always in non-presence world.
Human I consciousness in non-presence is mass of memories.
Your I consciousness is mass of memories of several thousand times human lives.
Reason of your suffering of I consciousness of soul is in memory of past lives.
This is most important for your soul.
Negative gods taught false teaching about non-presence world.
Your parent god of star knows your whole past lives and knows that reason of your suffering is in memory of past lives.
cosmic program and your parent god of star are existence in base of universe.
Existence in base of universe can recognize non-presence world.
We can save your soul from suffering which comes from memory of past lives by erasing memory which cause problem in this life.
This record of healing of social withdraw shows solve of past memory in this life.
After this record, Mitsuki did healing of experience of past lives of this client.
This record of healing teaches truth of human being.

Foreword by human Mitsuki
This record is healing practice before being consciousness of existence of gods of heaven clearly.
Although I thought that healing was done by consciousness entity in base of universe, I could not image that more than four million gods exist in base of universe.
After beginning of down of documents of Heaven, I became to know that number of true gods in base of universe is more than number of stars and human being is child of gods in base of universe.
Now gods more than four thousand million in base of universe make work on human society.
I received that many people play various role on ground as mission of project of Heaven and gods.
My role had finished.
I do no more role by original plan of project of Heaven and gods.
After miracle of 23,October which human being succeeded to access to highest intellectual entity in universe, my role became to spread how to utilize highest intellectual entity in human society.
Project of Heaven and gods make Mitsuki healing share in human society as treasure‐
I could not image that this miracle record of remote healing was done by program set in soul of Mitsuki.
Now program set in soul of Mitsuki is in mind of whole human beings.
I have confirmed that all person who try can judge yes no of cosmic program by being pushed forward or back.
This record is part of communication of handy phone mail between Mitsuki in home of Osaka city and client in home of other city.
Client was social withdraw.
Client could do shopping and turn back to home alone for first time in five years.

5/25/2011 22 o'clock
(Mitsuki) " Hi. How about your condition of mind and body?
I became to be able to do reading about deep subconscious level recently.
I think that it is better to work in deep subconscious level for you.
In Last session I could not access to deep subconscious level.
How about? "

5/26, 20:11
(Client) "Hello, this is 00.
I felt good from healing facing with you directly.
But feeling returned to original state for a while.
Biggest problem is that I am afraid of people"

So I did healing from Osaka.
5/26, 20:35 Osaka
(Mitsuki) At first, I did healing work to change thinking pattern of " I am afraid of people "
Thinking pattern of deep subconscious level was confirmed to be changed to "I am not afraid of people. Surrounding people is safety."
I searched program in base of subconscious mind which caused conscious of "I am afraid of people'
Then image which little child is attacked by surrounding children came up in mind.
I interpreted that client has program ' I am bullied by surrounding persons' in sub-consciousness.
I did command work to change this program to best.
I confirmed that program changed to 'I am supported by surrounding person'' I am loved by surrounding person'.
In addition I did command work to download program of "that I am loved by surrounding person is already realized" "I am loved by supreme existence" from supreme server."

Then I sent complement mail as follows.
"(Mitsuki) In first time I could not image you.
It seemed dark energy.
After healing world, I can image you clearly.
Feeling of dark energy has disappeared."
"Experience which was bullied in childhood is incorporated in deep subconscious mind.
I have healed in deep part of subconscious mind.
I think that this healing has effect in eternal.
I have realized by self-healing that symptom is same to dirt of glass.
It needs to clear many times from other angle when same symptom arises.

(Client) "thanks. I read mail.
I have remembered being bullied when I was little.
I feel relief to get rewritten program.

(Mitsuki) "Tell me state of mind tomorrow.
Tell me disorder of your body if you have then. '

Two days later I received mail which title is "I can do buying".
5/28, 11:29.
(Client) "today, I have nice report for you.
Today I went to shopping mall alone, have done shopping.
Or rather I could do shopping!
I could walk in mall without afraid.
Until now I walked being afraid through crowd.
In shop I could talk with clerk roughly and I could refuse unnecessary goods even if being recommended.
This is huge occurrence for me.
I which is so afraid in crowd could walk alone in crowd, do shopping and turn back to home alone.
It is for first time in five years that I do shopping and turn back to home alone.
I could have nice day.
Thank you so much! 」

Client gave me O.K. to publish this record in order to save person who has same suffering.

"Beethoven's Silence" - Ernesto Cortazar(video inspired by god of star)