cancer healing of human Mitsuki

I am cosmic program which is in your deep mind.
Now I ordered to translate record of cancer healing in remote session in way of pursuing healing of human Mitsuki.
This record of healing was done by cosmic program in soul of Mitsuki.
This was done to lead Mitsuki to down of documents of Heaven.
cosmic program showed miracle of healing.
Human Mitsuki caused miracle of access to cosmic program which is highest intellectual entity in universe 23,October.2014.
cosmic program taught human Mitsuki how to heal by utilizing cosmic program.
cosmic program has highest ability of reading, healing and teaching.
Gods of star more than four thousand million decided that benefit of cosmic program is shared by whole human beings.
Gods of star transplanted cosmic program in mind of whole human beings.
This miracle healing record of Mitsuki is possible to be done by all human beings.
This record is way of pursuing healing of Mitsuki.
You can do same to this record.
At first say 'I order cosmic program to read about disorder of…"
Words come up in your mind.
cosmic program is in your 'I'consciousness.
Words of cosmic program are included words which you think.
When being words of cosmic program, I push you forward.
When not being words of cosmic program, I push you back.
And then command base on words of cosmic program.
This makes healing occur.
When you receive skype Mitsuki healing class twenty times,
You become same level of healing to human Mitsuki.

This is record of healing of cancer in 2009.
All records below is about 10-20 minutes once.
Client was in cancer hospital in Shiga prefecture.
Healer Mitsuki was at home in Osaka.
This record shows process to recovery and discharge from 13,June to 20,July.
Communication was done by email of handy telephone of client and my PC.

6/13/2009 (SAT)
Mitsuki sent healing energy only first time.

6/21 (Sun)
(Client) now right breast, liver and left lung metastasis (left lung has water) and numbness of feet and right hand is terrible.

6/22 (Mon.)
(Client) ' good morning I become very well, I thank you very much.
today I have sore of throat and expression of irregular pulse of heart.
this time symptom of dementia is so terrible '

At this stage, awareness work has taught me the symptoms correspond to the symptoms.
The work contents, I did consciousness work based on information of client.
Contents of work were purification of three layers, command work to each issue separately, finally sending healing energy to the entire.

(Client) "Now I have felt as if receiving acupuncture in sore lumps of left groin and whole body was felt pleasant,
Maybe like a vase where body in comfortable numbness impression received the stimulus.
Subtle energy entered from first chakra.
Numbness in right hand is that thumb is worst.
Right breast is desensitized terribly.
Still mass of lumps remains. 」

(Client) "I had stomachache on back of stomach from 6 o'clock.
Now stomachache has released at all. 」

6/23 (Tue)
(Client) "I thank you for healing of yesterday.
Last night I felt fine pain on back of right breast and stomach.
Paine of neuralgia near liver become mild pain.
I have very thanks to you. "

(Client) "I have felt itching around nose in face and then on forehead.
After this, I dropped in sleeping.
Now I have awake and notice that numbness in right hand has disappeared.
I can do email easily.
Numbness in both feet has changed to mild numbness.
This is frightening for me.
I feel very comfortable body.
Pain of back of stomach has disappear before work being painful.
Numbness of thumb of right hand disappeared yesterday, and numbness of first finger is being erased now."

P.S. Left eye is bloodshot from this morning and itchy now,
Bloodshot left eye since this morning.
Maybe detox.
Magmitt which is medicine of defecation made deduction from 2 tablets every time to 1 tablet from yesterday.

P.S. Now I have noticed that big swelling and pain of throat disappear.

6/25 (Thu)
(Client) healing session of noon was not felt because of lunch time,but healing session at 10: 30 was felt in bed.
Breathing was so comfortable and felt tingling of soles of both feet also.
There was good pain in liver, pancreas, around navel (which is quite different from pain of wrong time).
Water in lungs was gurgling in small sound.
When being gurgling, stinks of cancer patients had gone up from mouth.
Morning, heart palpitations was terrible and was not in steady pulse.
(and I was tired by shortness of breath).
In lunch time there is not these symptoms.
Effect of your healing session is huge.
Very strong effect. Very, very. very, true.
It is thankful for me.
I stopped to take medicine of defecation.
(It becomes no need)
Defecateempty became clean yellow from last night.
(Until then defecateempty was blackish and green tea coloured)
I was very happy.

It was detox in toilet before notice of your mail.
Tow banana of defecateempty was discharged, which was done continuing last night.
I have received huge subtle energy just now.

(Client) at first subtle energy have entered me from tips of both hands as if waves of ocean,.
Afterwards, head, face received subtle energy as like magnetic field.
Then feet, especially specific spot of sole of right foot, is felt good pain of acupuncture. Involuntarily I shouted ' Oh pain!'
After that subtle energy entered as like stroking up.
Then seventh chakra became hot and warm mass.
I felt movement of bowel clearly.
I received very strong subtle energy.
Subtle energy of today is very very strong.
I become very very happy.
Thank you from my heart.
I have joined my hands in prayer.

(I sent email that I commanded being conscious neurological recovery, so momentarily pain may occurred.)

(Client) now my feet becomes so comfortable.
after numbness ended, it changed to rough numbness of recovery state.
I'm afraid I'm asking too much of you, my waist is deformed and wrong. Now I feel so.
You are in so far.
It is surprised at big energy.
Thank you very much.

(I was informed of problem of waist,
After this email, I commanded to adjustment of waist of healing.)

6/27 (Sat) 21:30
As issues of healing
(Mitsuki) "reading, clearing of three-tier(physical,mind,spirit),command work of physical layer, breast, left lung (water), liver.
In addition , numbness of feet and hands , distortion adjustment of waist. which are based on information from client.
In this session, command to cancer was as follows.
(Mitsuki) "Make normalize cells of cancer by giving reverse wave.
Make nature of cancer cells which absorbed hatred end by force of love.
Make cancer cells return to normal cells by making cancer cells friend with neighborhood cells.
Make heal entire body with force of unconditional love.

In next mail I wrote as follows.
(Mitsuki) "In order to become well perfectly well,
remember that it needs to meet directly.
I will change thinking patterns of cancer which is in subconscious mind.
I will change thinking pattern of 'I am patient of cancer' to ' I am freed from suffering of cancer.'

(Client) thank you.
Today energy is huge also.
Energy is felt rising from soles of feet and entering from both hands.
My whole body have become warm being very comfortable.
This comfortable feeling is different feeling so far.
So comfortable.
I thanks to you for your important hour and your effort.

(this mail came to me after healing session more than 20 minutes , client continued to feel comfortable during this time)
(Mitsuki) "I have felt sleepy also.
I felt energy as viscosity last time, today I have felt soft light energy.
Maybe this means that symptoms of your disease go beyond top of mountain.

6/28/2009 (Sun) 11:00 23 minutes session.
Issues of healing session of this day.
(Mitsuki) ' reading (this means confirming these commands by intuition)
Total healing of purification of spirit, psychic and physical body.
I got information from client from mail that chill, headache and little lame to type mail by hands.
I included these symptoms into command work.
I made command separately of right breast, lung and liver, each separately as follows.
"I order to cancer cells to communicate with other normal cells by extracting block.
I order to water accumulated in lungs to move on physical circulation and discharge from body.
I order to erase numbness of hands and feet and to activate and recover functions of nerve cells of part of brain related numbness.
I order to adjust deformation of waist and normalize balance.
Such was contents of command.
Then I added chakra clearing.
I order to remove of blocks of energy from first chakra to seventh chakra.
Last I have consciousness that download of happiness and fulfillment in entire body is done.

(Client) "at first I was lift up at first,
Something was gone out from hole of top of right side of head which was opened.
Both side of neck was pulled up same time.
As this was huge powerful force, I got gooseflesh.
I raised voice unintentionally.
Then, warm energy came up from knee to stomach, it was so warm and pleasant
I feel very warm still even now.
Part of problem of right waist continued to be felt little sore feeling lazy.
I felt itchy around nose (just like when receiving first session)
Subtle energy entered from acupressure points in middle of palm to body.
After that I felt too hot to take out scarf wrapped on body and undressed cardigan.
In afternoon little liquid like water discharged from vagina,being unusual.
Several cancer tumors in left part of skin of head ( now head becomes bold) was felt bit itchy.
Although my face becomes puffy by steroids but I feel puffy become small little.
Even now, I feel very warm to abdomen.
Thank you.

29,June/2009 10:00
Issue of healing session is similar to yesterday
(Mitsuki) "command of entire healing, that is , to do purification of spirit ,psychic and physical body .
Command of healing of chill, headache and little lame to type mail by hands.
I made command separately of right breast, lung, liver, and cancer tumors of left head."
'I order to remove cancer cells and to replace by healthy cells, now soon so that all cells become healthy cells, and client become free from cancer.
I order to go out water accumulated in lungs by ride on physical circulation.
I order to grow up hair on head soon.
I order to adjust balance of bone of scapula.
I order to erase numbness of hands and feet and to activate and recover functions of nerve cells of part of brain related numbness.
I order to adjust deformation of waist and normalize balance.
Then I added chakra clearing.
I order to remove of blocks of energy from first chakra to seventh chakra.
(Total 30 minutes)

(Client) "I think that treatment continues now without noticing end of treatment.
I have dashed to toilet as usual.
Detox by defecateempty is so much this time.
Surprised occurrence has happened, which I wanted to take video and to show you.
Even now tingling sensation has remained.
Just when subtle energy comes up from top of both feet and soles, unspeakable tingling continued long time in left side,
mass of subtle energy comes up on right leg,
strong energy which was ticklish was felt eyebrows,
after this head was shaken left and right so long.
Then top of head became warm and whole head was felt itchy and felt comfortable in part of bald.
Throat was felt to become swell in good meaning.
At last I felt pulling force to top of nose.
Right chin became itchy ,then left chin became itchy and I feel subtle energy on face now.
Your rest time has delayed.
I feel very happy.
Thank you.

29,June/2009, 22 o'clock
(Client) "I always thanks.
Headache and chills became better in one day.
Today I have noticed first time that spine in center of bones of scapula has projection
I was surprised to touch projection and surprised again to look in mirror.
Deform of twist became well."

I had session without knowing about projection of spine.
I did session about only project of spine.

6/30 (Tue) from 3:50 to 4:17.
(the client)Thank you.
I receive subtle energy from sole of foot.
I feel tingling sensation as flow of subtle energy.
At first feeling of ticklish and lazy came up from right hand,then same feeling came up from left foot.
After that I felt sleepy and fell asleep.

( reply mail from client to be asked physical condition by Mitsuki)
(Client) After last session, I noticed various things.
Way of subtle energy was unbalanced from left leg to right waist.
From this I noticed waist misalignment.
Then I noticed projection of curve of spine which I did not feel.
Gradually my physical condition have become better.
In this phase projection of spine is my problem when staying in bed.

(Mitsuki) "Problem is that spine between scapular has projection.
I will have conscious of projection of spine erased.
To clear stagnant of 12 meridians.
Does it O.K to stop healing of cancer of head, breast, liver and lung,.
How about water in lungs?
Today is healing theme just projection of spine and flow of subtle energy of meridians?
Of course total healing of whole body is done.

(client)" Water in lungs is remained still. thank you"

(Mitsuki) "O.K. I will do about aura, bone protrusions, chakra and meridian , lung water and healing force to total body."
(total 23 minutes)

Answer of client was simple.
It seemed very sleepy myself, too.
(Client) "Thank you .
My body has become very relaxing, comfortable.
I am sleepy,
thank you"

(Mituki)I asked about water in lungs because image of lung water going out as urine was seen in session.

(Client) "Last night there was frequent urination ,
thank you very much"

(Client) "Always thanks very much,
Spine projecting become better by stretching or twisting waist gradually.
Water in lungs is very worried now, which comes up smelling odor.'

(Mitsuki) 'good evening
If you are O.K. now , I will begin.
Main theme is lung water.
At first, to do clearing of spirit, psychic and physical body.
And to do purify of toxins of body.
Then I have consciousness that water accumulating in lungs goes out from body and you recover health body.
And I have consciousness that balance of whole body and atoms, molecules, cells, organs improve in healing force from heaven."

7/11 (SAT)
Report of physical condition of client.
(Client) ", condition of lungs become better.
From start of healing session, I felt moving of water in lungs.
Now breath become so good.
I can do deep breathing.
Numbness of hands and feet continues,
I feel signs of becoming good.
Finally, tomorrow I come back to my home.
Every day I will effort to stretch of waist and spain.
In addition,
I feel so thanks to your help and always watching over,
thank you."

7/12 session time 13 mitutes
(Client) 'left wait is very lazy and I cannot make power in."
Healing command is as follows.
(Mitsuki) ' (1) to clear spirit, psychological and physical body.
(B) to make better flow of blood in capillaries of hands and feet so that numbness disappear.
(3) to strengthen nerves of hands and feet so that numbness disappears. (4) to clear flow of subtle energy of 14 meridians.
(E) to clear chakras.
(6) to pour healing force to whole body from heaven."

(Client) " hands and feet were felt itching.
Energy from heavens have made open chakra of forehead.
Warm round ball of subtle energy appears in point below navel and come up throat chakra.
This is amazing experience for me.
Thank you for appreciation today also. "

7/19 (SAT)
(Client) ' I am busy to do rehabilitation work, neglecting to see mail of handy phone.
I am sorry.
Since then, I understood how to normalize my body.
My health becomes well more and more, day by day.
so is interesting, neglecting other things, sorry "

7/20 (Sun)
This is reply of asking of publishing this record in H.P.
(Client) "everything in my whole story is remembered..
Wow, I think even now.
I hope that many people understand my experience."

(Mitsuki) 'I thanks to do healing activities and I can have confidence in healing."

Ernesto Cortazar - Moments of Solitude (video inspired by god of star)