Project of Heaven and gods began 1300 years ago by making soul of Mitsuki and setting program in soul of Mitsuki.
This is to overcome rule of negative gods of whole universe.
In order to overcome negative gods, program was needed to make highest intellectual entity surpass to evil negative gods.
Program set in soul of Mitsuki was made as ectoplasm entity overlapping on whole universe.
Mitsuki program is only one highest intellectual entity in whole universe.
Now Mitsuki program became representative of project of Heaven and gods.
Assistant Mitsuki continues to typewriting message of project of Heaven and gods.

introdution of newest page 最新のページの紹介

books issued by project of Heaven and gods.  天と神々のプロジェクトが発行した本一覧

Marxism going on with god 神とともに歩むマルクス主義

beginning of Heaven healing.
What is Heaven heling and how to applicate class session.
page of name of Heaven healer to receive Heaven healing


page of asistant of project of Heaven and gods

Studies of human assistant Mitsuki in whole life

second part of study of assistant Mitsuki

third part of study of assistant Mitsuki

Fourth part of assistant Mitsuki and view of project of Heaven and gods

Fifth part of assistatnt Mitsuki and introductioion of this life of Mitsuki

Way of life of human being and video impressions statements of assistant Mitsuki

Message to student from assistant Mitsuki

Explanation of poem of member of Heaven by assistant Mitsuki

study of yoga of Mitsuki from disciple of P.R.Sarkar

message to humankind from god salamnidam who is god of star eareth.

Assistant Mitsuki opens healing room in Ishikiri

skype healing room in internet for all human beings o earth

E-mail deviation consultation by source of creation by assistant Mitsuki as interpreter
創造の源が答えるメール占い相談 (アシスタントみつきが通訳)

This H.P, is important record of inquiring Hutomani civilization

Logos - Fraternite Angelique
(video inspired by god of star)

Pages of socialist earth government (社会主義地球政府のペ-ジ)

Pages of project of Heaven and gods (天と神々のプロジェクトのペ-ジ)

Pages of daily information from Heaven and gods(天と神々の日々の情報のペ-ジ)

(explanation of H.P. of project of Heaven and gods by Japanese)

日本のユニバーサル フォーラム運動のとりくみ紹介のページ

GIOVANNI MARRADI - Ice Palace (video inspired by god of star)


  • Unite to establish eternal peace planet earth!
  • Unite to make socialist society sharing means of production by relatives!